The human-computer interaction group offers various theses and projects. All topics include conceptional work, implementation, and evaluation in the area of human computer interaction and will be presented at the HCI colloquium.  The phd students work on research projects linked to the following topics. If you want to do a project or thesis with us, please contact Sarah Faltaous with the topics you are interested in, the type of work you want to do, and some information on already done projects and experiences.

Sarah Faltaous: Interacting with the Internet of Things, Activity Motivating Application, Health Monitoring Systems.

Jonathan Liebers: Novel Authentication and Identification Schemes using Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Biometric Authentication in Virtual and Mixed Reality, Wearable and Embedded Tools for User Identification.

Alia Saad: Usable Security and Privacy, Behavioral Biometrics in Mixed Reality and on Mobile Devices, Spoofing Authentication.

Henrik Detjen: Interacting with Autonomous Vehicles, Communicating Intends of Autonomous Vehicles, Trust and User Acceptance of Novel Transportation Method. 

Max Pascher: Human-Robot Collaboration, Intervention Strategies/ Interfaces, Multimodal Input & Feedback Technologies, Augemented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, Assistive Technologies.

Carina Liebers: Interaction with Virtual/Mixed/Augemented Reality, User-Adapted Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Human-Robot Interaction (Focus: Pointclouds, Simulation Environments, Defining Object Properties)

Nick Wittig: Augmented Reality Technologies, Interaction with Augmented Reality, Learning and Education

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