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Computing for Intercultural Competence


Funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

Duration: 01.01.2018-31.12.2018

The ComIC (Computing for Intercultural Competence) project promotes the intercultural dialog between Islamic and European countries using “computing” and “research” as the common language to tackle emerging challenges. Intercultural dialog refers to proactive awareness and preparedness to integrate within other societies in social and professional aspects. This is particularly important when considering the IT industries in western and Islamic countries. In western countries, there is a gap between the number of available computing jobs and the number of qualified computing professionals. It is known that there are more computer science related job opportunities than computer science students. On the other hand, there is a misconception in Egypt that there are no jobs for computer science graduates.

Motivated by this misconception and to create more awareness and a better understanding for the opportunity between both worlds, we propose the ComIC project. The project consists of 12 activities that will foster the cultural dialog, modernize teaching, empower young and, particularly, female researchers, create research networks between Germany and Egypt, and support cultural development. Within these activities, we will conduct workshops and hackathons with participants from both institutions. We particularly focus on using computing technology to bridge the gap between both worlds and create a common ground. We strongly believe that computing technology has the potential to ease up mutual understanding of cultural differences. We will use computing technology (e.g., virtual reality or serious games) and research methodologies (e.g., from Human-Computer Interaction) for solving relevant societal challenges the Islamic world is currently facing. We will offer young researchers and teaching assistants from the GUC the possibility to gain experience at the UDE and vice versa. Moreover, the project expands the strong research network of the two universities through their regional partners. Furthermore, it is a platform for nourishing core scientific values and ethics like promoting gender equality.