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Let me catch this!: experiencing interactive 3D cinema through collecting content with a mobile phone

Jonna R. Häkkilä, Maaret Posti, Stefan Schneegass, Florian Alt, Kunter Gultekin,; Albrecht Schmidt
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Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '14)
New York, USA
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The entertainment industry is going through a transformation, and technology development is affecting how we can enjoy and interact with the entertainment media content in new ways. In our work, we explore how to enable interaction with content in the context of 3D cinemas. This allows viewers to use their mobile phone to retrieve, for example, information on the artist of the soundtrack currently playing or a discount coupon on the watch the main actor is wearing. We are particularly interested in the user experience of the interactive 3D cinema concept, and how different interactive elements and interaction techniques are perceived. We report on the development of a prototype application utilizing smart phones and on an evaluation in a cinema context with 20 participants. Results emphasize that designing for interactive cinema experiences should drive for holistic and positive user experiences. Interactive content should be tied together with the actual video content, but integrated into contexts where it does not conflict with the immersive experience with the movie.