Max Pascher

Externer Doktorand

Max Pascher, M.Sc.

SM 209
(+49) 209/9596 - 811

Zur Person:

Externer Doktorand an der Westfälischen Hochschule in Gelsenkirchen (Prof. Dr. Jens Gerken).


  • Pascher, Max; Schneegass, Stefan; Gerken:, Jens: SwipeBuddy A Teleoperated Tablet and Ebook-Reader Holder for a Hands-Free Interaction. In: Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2019. Springer, Paphos, Cyprus 2019. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-29390-1_39BIB DownloadDetails
  • Jonas Auda, Max Pascher; Schneegass, Stefan: Around the (Virtual) World - Infinite Walking in Virtual Reality Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation. In: Acm (Hrsg.): CHI'19 Proceedings. Glasgow 2019. doi: DownloadDetails
    Around the (Virtual) World

    Virtual worlds are infinite environments in which the user can move around freely. When shifting from controller-based movement to regular walking as an input, the limitation of the real world also limits the virtual world. Tackling this challenge, we propose the use of electrical muscle stimulation to limit the necessary real-world space to create an unlimited walking experience. We thereby actuate the users‘ legs in a way that they deviate from their straight route and thus, walk in circles in the real world while still walking straight in the virtual world. We report on a study comparing this approach to vision shift – the state-of-the-art approach – as well as combining both approaches. The results show that particularly combining both approaches yield high potential to create an infinite walking experience.