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Reflecting upon Participatory Design in Human-Robot Collaboration for People with Motor Disabilities: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Three Multiyear Projects

Arboleda, Stephanie Arevalo; Pascher, Max; Baumeister, Annalies; Klein, Barbara; Gerken, Jens
New York, NY, USA
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Human-robot technology has the potential to positively impact the lives of people with motor disabilities. However, current efforts have mostly been oriented towards technology (sensors, devices, modalities, interaction techniques), thus relegating the user and their valuable input to the wayside. In this paper, we aim to present a holistic perspective of the role of participatory design in Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) for People with Motor Disabilities (PWMD). We have been involved in several multiyear projects related to HRC for PWMD, where we encountered different challenges related to planning and participation, preferences of stakeholders, using certain participatory design techniques, technology exposure, as well as ethical, legal, and social implications. These challenges helped us provide five lessons learned that could serve as a guideline to researchers when using participatory design with vulnerable groups. In particular, young researchers who are starting to explore HRC research for people with disabilities.